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Magnetic Innovations is a Center of Excellence for Electromechanical Technology and a manufacturer of Rotary & Linear Motors and Generators and customer specific Electromechanical products.

Our focus is on providing the best Electromechanical design optimized to meet or beat the customer application requirements.


Company profile

Magnetic Innovations is an advanced knowledge centre in the field of electromagnetic / thermal designs for rotary motors, linear actuators, magnetic bearings, magnetic shielding and many more.


On a project basis, we offer our knowledge in the form of consultancy, feasibility studies and customer specific developments. We can deliver a turn-key project with a prototype including amplifier module and customer-specific control.

Contract research

Magnetic Innovations specializes in the design of custom magnetic systems, actuators, drives and magnetic shielding. The focus aims at understanding the specific needs and requirements of the customer on which, for example through a concept study, the best concept is chosen.


It is obvious that a multidisciplinary approach is used which guarantees a well-integrated design that excels by its feasibility, efficiency, size and cost.


Based on our expertise and market knowledge we have developed a number of innovative products which were included in our standard product range. We have production facilities in Eastern Europe and the far East, depending on specific product requirements and series quantities.


Independent of production facilities we will ensure that the design and manufacturing of our products meets the highest standards.